Community Driven Change.

At Women In Politics we prioritize community driven change.  Our mission is to make politics tangible – but to truly see that vision come into fruition we strive to enact the change our community voices. If their are additional initiatives you would like us to drive please contact us.

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Anyone who’s ever felt underrepresented or unheard in the political field will find inspiration in this empowering new children’s book. 

Join Nina and Ronin as they ...

embark on an exciting adventure on their school field trip to the U.S Capitol! What starts out as a regularly scheduled tour, turns into a detour through the legislative process. With the help of each other and some hard working lawmakers, the two best friends navigate what it takes to create a law in Congress. Although Nina and Ronin aren’t politicians, they advocate for what they believe in and discover the power of using their voices. Most importantly, Nina and Ronin find that using their passion for a greater purpose can lead to real change!

"You can't be what you can't see, and as a young girl, a young BIPOC girl, in particular, I am not only represented through this book but shown my limitless potential. Both entertaining and educational, I would want this book to be accessible to all, knowing it’s planting seeds for the next generations of change makers."
Malia Baker
Actress and Activist
“When I was a kid, learning about the importance of lawmaking and government was dull and boring. Learning about making change within my community was especially non-inclusive and lacked diversity. Nina and Ronin are leading the way to change our understanding of who is allowed to speak up!”
Averie Bishop
Miss Texas 2022 & 2nd Runner up Miss America 2023
"Kudos to these young people for creating a spirited and buoyant children’s chapter book that is packed with information about Washington D.C. landmarks, our U.S. government, and of course, the process of how a bill becomes a law. The lively story offers an important message to readers of any age: “Never be afraid to use your voice. After all, it is YOUR future.” "
Catherine Stier
Author of If I ran for President and A Vote is a Powerful Thing

| Change the Nation | Promote Equality | Inspire Passion

Little Lawmakers Impact

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Our team has ventured into the classroom to provide civic education workshops for young kids.


Over the summer we set up at fairs to provide some fun with a side of education for kids.


Our team hosted Scavenger Hunts at various bookstores to promote book exploration and finding representation in books you read.

Speaking Events

We don't just stop at engaging youth! Little Lawmakers also supports our older audience as we look at why women don't run.

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