Yet women are still barred from entering politics

This is our story of changing the status quo.

“I think realizing that you’re not alone, that you are standing with millions of your sisters around the world is vital”

Malala Yousafzai

Our Story

Women In Politics was founded in 2020 by then 14-year-old Rebecca Joseph. Through her high school Speech and Debate team, Joseph found her love for policy. However, after recieving negative comments rooted in her gender by opponents and judges, Joseph wondered if politics was really for her. In the first few months of the pandemic Joseph looked for a community of girls who could support eachother in this seemingly uphill battle.

There was none.

Thus Women In Politics was born. In May 2020, we grew exponetially after a viral TikTok video grew our team to 100 people, and thousands of new community members in a matter of weeks.

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But Rebecca's Story isn't Unique

At Women In Politics, we aim to change that mentality: showing young girls they deserve a seat at the table. Our work does not stop at making politics a tangible career path but empowers our future women leaders to use their voice. 

Traditionally young girls are not given the same confidence support as men. Meaning young girls are not encouraged to speak up, take leadership positions, or even raise their hands so by the time these young girls enter their professional careers they have a confidence gap that limits their potential.

So whether you are interested in bettering your public speaking, a teenager dabbling in politics, or a young adult running for office, know your Women In Politics family is supporting you every step of the way.

Our Pillars

Women In Politics makes it possible for the global youth from all across the US and different countries to connect, inspire, and encourage others with the same vision to create a better future for the world. From our community Geneva, State Chapters, and interactive socials, we have a space for everyone in our WIP family.

Connect the Global Youth

Make Politics Accessible

Access to proper civic education and the professional political world has historically been exclusive to a certain class; however, Women In Politics is break the accessibility of the political barrier through our blog and educational opportunities.

Improve civic education

Our global youth is powerfully shaped by what is given to them at school, so Women In Politics is striving to ensure equal opportunities, specifically in the political field, are accessible. Through our book, writing workshop, and other events we give youth the tools they need.

| Change the Nation | Promote Equality | Inspire Passion

Meet the team that makes the Magic happen

Women In Politics is built on the pure dedication and grit of almost 100 women. Our team spans 50 states, 23 countries, and 6 continents. Although we do not have space to showcase our whole team we are proud to not just have a robust team, that creates the change we envision, but a family.

Rebecca Joseph

Founder & Co-Executive Director

Katherine Bronov

Co-Executive Director

Yasmeen Jabara

Communications Director

Katlyn Train

Social Media Manager

Morgan Magats

Press Secretary

Isabella Rinaldi

Special Projects Director

Siya Mishra

Operations Director

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Caroline Hogue

Blog Manager

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