Igniting Change: Meet The Women in Politics Ambassadors

By Elena Faddoul

Politics and law dictates the course of nations. As such, the significance of women becoming more involved in politics cannot be emphasized enough.  The minimal (if not complete lack of) representation of women in politics has been an issue in many countries around the world for most of history. Even now, many voices of women who desire to become more involved in politics are left unheard. What’s more is that, through this involvement, we can find community with one another as we endeavour to make politics a more positive and accessible space for everyone. 

The aim to foster community and increasingly encourage women from around the world to get involved in politics lies at the core of WIP’s ambassador program. Since its launch in March, we’ve had revolutionary women from different countries and states join together in an attempt to make politics a safe and attainable field of work and study for women from all over the world.

The ambassador program is run by coordinator, Hilda Berg, who actively engages with the group and creates agendas, projects, and events for all participants in order to unite all members of WIP.

This team is made up of women from nations like Italy, Portugal, and different states from the U.S. 

The team is in charge of intervening and creating conversations in the WIP Geneva community, as well as hosting events and expanding the WIP community within their communities. 

According to Federica Iannó,  WIP Ambassador from Italy, the program gives people the opportunity to become more involved and bridge the gap between Women and politics in countries where this isn’t a common norm.

“As one of two European ambassadors, attracting more Europe-based members for WIP is at the forefront of my current goals. We have a rich roster of weekly polls, debates and discussions on sustainability, headlines from around the world and more, said Iannó.

Carolina de Almeida, WIP’s Ambassador for Portugal, wholeheartedly agrees. She says, “the Women In Politics’ Ambassador Program is extremely important because WIP is establishing itself as a global organization and we need to acknowledge women in politics everywhere. The Ambassadors work is fundamental to keep making politics a tangible career for girls all around the world.”

Similarly, Texas Ambassador, Madison Tchilinguirian, feels as though the program not only helps foster a community of women in politics, but also shares the fact that the team is united and together targets issues that affect all.

“WIP’s goal is to make politics more accessible, and I think the ambassador program has become a key part of that.  I’ve been able to highlight issues specific to my area on their global platform, and have made valuable connections with others in WIP- especially my fellow ambassadors.  I think the ambassador team adds a lot to Women In Politics, and I’m really grateful to be a part of it,” said Tchilinguirian. 

This powerful program empowers women and girls from all over the world to unite, form relationships, and take on roles in politics that are typically held by men. 

One thing I love most about our team is how diverse it is! We are always excited to welcome new members from different backgrounds and regions around the world. You will love the ambassador program if you’re interested in:


      • Being a spokesperson for Women In Politics in your home country and state

      • Being a community leader for like-minded women interested in politics

      • Collaborating with the WIP team to brainstorm and share content

      • Creating social media content and write blog posts about women in politics and women’s issues in your region

    To learn more about this WIP community, follow our socials @womeninpolitics. And for more information about the ambassador program, contact us via email or Geneva. You can apply to be an ambassador here!


    Hi! My name is Elena and I am a rising senior in high school. I am originally from Venezuela, but now live in NC. A little bit about me: I personally really enjoy writing and currently serve as writer and editor of my school newspaper and for WIP as well. I think writing is very powerful and can help people advocate greatly, because of this I enjoy every chance I get to write and collaborate with others as a way to make an impact in my community!