Women in Politics: Breaking the Glass Ceiling and Heading Toward Presidency

By Elena Faddoul

The presidential election process  in the United States is a moment when we express a right that is not guaranteed in all countries. However, in countries where elections are held on an ongoing schedule, more women have been appointed President or Prime Minister than ever before. 

So, why has the United States never had a female president? 

The answer is: we have come close.  Since the turn of the century, more women have been elected to Congress and state governments than at any other time in history. Yet never the presidency of the United States.

Hillary Clinton came close to winning the 2016 presidential election. While she failed, she did break a long-standing barrier, resulting in more female presidential contenders than ever before this time around. 

Since then, additional women have run for office, including Kamala Harris and Nikki Haley (for president, state, or vice president).

Now that these women have a platform and ideas about how to win and represent our country, we are ready to see change, to break down barriers, and to celebrate the beauty and brilliance of women.

So, will a female president be elected anytime soon?

The answer is very complex, but the answer is: maybe. 

Right now, there are many candidates for the 2024 presidency. Among them are Nikki Haley and Marianne Williamson, the only two women. 

These two women are known to be tenacious and proactive, which gives them a platform and in many ways, helps them with votes. 

While these two women belong to different parties, they help break the status quo and glass ceiling; heading one step closer to the white house. 

The question is, can their hard work and knowledge get them far enough to win the election? Or will America continue to choose men to represent them? 

Well, we don’t know, what we do know is that we are about ready for change and hope that soon enough, a brave and charming women will take on the role of president!


Hi! My name is Elena and I am a rising senior in high school. I am originally from Venezuela,  but now live in NC. A little bit about me: I personally really enjoy writing and currently serve as writer and editor of my school newspaper and for WIP as well. I think writing is very powerful and can help people advocate greatly, because of this I am enjoy every chance I get to write and collaborate with others as a way to make an impact in my community!

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