How to be her: A Girl's Guide to Girlbossing

 (Kylie Richardson | April 21st, 2023)


You’ve probably seen all over TikTok or Instagram many people’s ideas of lifestyle, aesthetics, and diet. Many people, including myself, find it very appealing to change their ways of life to find a more peaceful and fulfilled day-to-day schedule. If you’re interested in finding your groove to girl-boss your way through life, here are some simple tasks to try and fit into your daily agenda:


Integrate a 5-minute Stretch Into Your Morning Routine:

 Stretching in the morning can be one of the most simple, quick, and beneficial aspects of your early routine. You can stretch just about anywhere when you first wake up either in the comfort of your bed, the middle of your room, outside, etc. Stretching helps to relieve any built-up tension and muscle tightness from your sleep, previous sports activities, or natural soreness by increasing blood flow and breaking down lactic acid build-up. Stretching not only relieves people of physical distress but also contributes to the alleviation of stress as a mind-clearer. 


Prepare Meals for the Day:

Preparing your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a great task to get your day started with productivity. Having those meals ready for you to heat up or straight out of the refrigerator is extremely convenient and a great time-saver when you’re on the go! For me, when my food is made and prepared for me to grab when I get hungry, I feel even more satisfied and relieved. Bonus points to liven your day are to make yourself balanced plates. Healthy eating supports your muscles, boosts immunity, lowers your risk of disease, and makes you feel more energized and supported during your usual tasks. Healthy eating containing fruits and vegetables helps replenish your skin’s collagen content keeping your skin soft, smooth, and clear. You’ll feel much better after eating healthy foods throughout the day. 


Pick up a Book of Choice:

For a very long time, I refused to pick up a book. I was convinced that movies were the only way to go. I convinced myself that I’d get too bored or I wouldn’t be able to focus on what I was reading. Oh, girl, was I so wrong because now I cannot put books down. This is coming from someone who used to go out of their way to debate how much better movies are than books, so trust me when I tell you, reading has changed my life. Even if you read for a short amount of time per day, they’ll change your life. Books are significantly more detailed than films allowing your brain to have a boost of imagination, creativity, and thinking skills. Your brain is exercising while you read, increasing knowledge, improving your intellect, and more aware of your surroundings. You’ll watch a movie and forget the plot a week later, but a book sticks with you. Instead of sitting on my phone while I sunbathe, I read a book. I get lost in the seemingly endless pages of incredibly talented authors while removing myself from the addictive blue light. I noticed a shift in my lifestyle when I started reading. I feel more positive and excited about what the future holds for me. After reading a book, I feel much more accomplished compared to when I finish watching a movie. Though it may sound ridiculous, reading motivates me to clean my room, not procrastinate, and get more involved in the real world in a more peaceful and appreciative state of mind. I seriously recommend incorporating reading into your schedule.  


Clean Your Room: 

Cleaning your room is a chore for many. With our busy lives from school to sports to extracurriculars, having a tidy room is not always a priority. I’m going to be real here, but I’m currently writing this with laundry piled up in my corner, pillows lying everywhere, and some random trinkets scattered around. It’s normal to not always be in your most organized state, but Girlbosses get up and get moving! Though having a clean room doesn’t seem as if it holds any positive results, it does without you realizing it. The task itself, though sometimes arduous, is very validating once completed. Yes, be proud of yourself for getting it done! That, in itself, is a major confidence boost. With that momentum, people are naturally motivated to get the rest of their tasks done. I don’t know about you guys, but cleaning my room has me sweating. So, boom, there’s a source of physical activity to get some steps in while you move about your house or even just your room to get it cleaned up. For many, like myself, the state of my room is an indicator of my mental state. Unfortunately, it becomes a cycle that’s hard to break. When I start to get stressed, my room gets messy, and when I see my room all messy, I’m even more stressed. Break that loop. Even if the stressors in your life don’t magically disappear with a clean room, it’s one less thing to worry about. With less stress from the removal of an eye sore comes better sleep, increasing levels of happiness, and the willingness to stay on track throughout your day. Who doesn’t like looking at a clean room? Let’s get to it together because you’re certainly not alone!


Understandably, these tasks seem difficult to achieve especially when you’re used to your daily routines. Although you don’t have to integrate every one of these tasks into your agenda, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in your life as you begin to add new healthy habits. So, get going, Girlboss! You got this!