April 22, 2023

Women in South America: Pursuing a Career in Politics

Women in politics from all over the world have influenced the way we act and think, changing the way politics and the law are enacted. Yet, there are every few of these revolutionary individuals in South America. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain)

Centuries have passed since women gained the right to work, vote, run for office, and while in many places they have revolutionized politics, many regions of the world, like South America, await a similar change.

How to be Her: A Girl’s Guide to Girlbossing

You’ve probably seen all over TikTok or Instagram many people’s ideas of lifestyle, aesthetics, and diet. Many people, including myself, find it very appealing to change their ways of life to find a more peaceful and fulfilled day-to-day schedule. If you’re interested in finding your groove to girl-boss your way through life, here are some simple tasks to try and fit into your daily agenda: