Should Celebrities Join Politics?

Reva Lingala | March 28th, 2023

Throughout history and recent years, numerous celebrities have run for political positions. Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan were both governors of California. Reagan later became the president of the United States in the 1980s. But not all celebrities were successful in their campaigns. Singer Kanye West, for example, ran for the presidency in 2020 and Caitlyn Jenner attempted to run for governor of California. With more and more celebrities entering politics, there has been an ongoing question of whether they should become involved.

Why They Should 

  • .Large Fanbase 

Most celebrities who have run or are running for a position have a large following. They have the power to influence many people. This would be useful when addressing the population to act on an issue. A politician must be able to address the whole United States, but it is easier to do it when people know who you are. 

  • More Trusted 

These days politicians are typically not liked by many people. Whether it’s because of their many lies or corruption, the public seems to have a distrust towards them. However, the public does like celebrities. They are known to be more relatable to the common man and provide entertainment for us. With a more positive approach to celebrities, we are more likely to trust them and their decisions. 

Why They Shouldn’t 

  • Divide Between Social Classes 

Celebrities are often very wealthy and in the upper class. Meaning that they most likely do not resonate with the middle and lower classes. This divide prevents them from understanding the basic welfare needed by these classes. 

  • The Name 

There is a high chance that fans will vote for a celebrity despite them being the most underqualified candidate. A celebrity with a huge fan base is likely to persuade them to vote for them. Most of the fans might not even consider the views and stances of the person and will just blindly vote. 

  • No Knowledge of Issues

The problem with most celebrities is that they have little to no knowledge on politics. While they might understand social issues, they must address economic problems. A person that has no experience with what they are doing can easily be corrupted and make the wrong decision.

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