March 28, 2023

From Genocide to Gender Equality

In 1994, Rwanda suffered one of the most brutal genocides in modern history, lasting 100 days and taking almost one million lives. Hundreds of thousands of women and children were subjected to sexual violence by persecutors through rape, sexual slavery and sexual mutilation. Testimonies confirm these vile acts were largely widespread during the atrocious 100 days, a merciless act used as a means to terrorize and served as a constant reminder of the misogynistic presence the world just cannot seem to rid itself of. Now, almost 30 years after genocide, the country of Rwanda ranks amongst the top five countries in the Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum, considering the degrees of women’s participation in the economy, education achievements, health and political involvement. Rwanda is the only non-Scandinavian country to place in the top five and the only country in the world to have a female-majority parliament.

Should Celebrities Join Politics?

Should Celebrities Join Politics? Reva Lingala | March 28th, 2023 Throughout history and recent years, numerous celebrities have run for political positions. Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan were both governors of California. Reagan later became the president of the United States in the 1980s. But not all celebrities were successful in their campaigns. …

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