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| Change the Nation | Promote Equality | Inspire Passion

The problem for women isn’t disinterest in politics.

It's Deciding to get involved.

Women are just as likely as men to be elected to political office. But the main reason women are so underrepresented is that they don’t run in the first place.

We are targeting this problem by providing mentorship and resources to ensure that every person, regardless of background, knows that politics is a tangible career path for them

Powerful and welcoming organization. I’m grateful to be part of changing our future.”

Cedar Roach, Women In Politics Team

OUr method

For so long politics has been a ‘boys only club’, and we are changing that narrative by empowering young girls through educational resources and community events.

Simply put, our formula is




But don't just take our word for it

What You can do

Whether you are a young woman interested in politics or ready to support the next generation of female change-makers, there are multiple ways you can promote the Women In Politics mission.

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We promote civic education and engagement from a young age through our children's book.

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